6 mar. 2011

Catching up

It's been a while since I wrote...kinda dropped that ball. I would like to sya it's the only ball that I've dropped recently but it's not. I feel so gloomy lately...it's even afecting my soapmaking...I haven't had a good batch in a while :(

I'm trying to get inspired, trying to keep my goals in sight but it's hard. My job is more demanding these days, and I always strive to impress, so I sit on my desk from 7 to 6 trying to do stuff, but my head is elsewhere. So when I get to the soaping part of the day, I have no energy or I think about all the thigs I should've done and didn't do at work.

I'm trying to get out of the rat hole, but I just continue to slide down further.

Hopefully things start picking up...gonna try to do excercise tomorrow morning - start with insanity again, see if that gives me an extra boost...and keeps me away from my desk for a while.

Next on my soaping list is orange spice soap, cold process...see how that goes.

Gloomy Irene