17 sep. 2011

Hubby's swirl

This is the soap I was telling you about, he made the swirl all on his own and the soap smells wonderful. We're going to make some more today...pics later :-)

16 sep. 2011

Riddle solved

I finally figured out what was going on with my soap!!! I was leaving out 2 oz of water per 3 pound batch!! Of course it was coming out wonky and crumbly...it was missing water!! My advice for today: check your recipe even if you've done the same recipe many times. I *knew* it was 6 oz of lye per 11 oz of water and I've been doing it that way for some time now, today I checked my written recipe and whoops, it's not 11 it's 13.3. I now understand why CP was seizing and HP was crumbling.
I'm so happy I got to the bottom of it :-) I also got extra especial help from my hubby today. He helped me with swirling a tube mold CP and with the left over he swirled a log mold by himself. I love that he helps out without me asking, it's priceless.
So a big change coming up in the next few weeks at work. Can't say much right now because I don't know much myself, but it's hopefully going to be refreshing ;-)

Happy soaping!!

11 sep. 2011

Inspiration has taken a vacation

I want to make soap so bad it hurts! But I can't think of anything pretty, original or otherwise fun to make :'(

I've been looking everywhere for inspiration but nothing works. I've made some beer soap but I'm afraid of cutting it due to the recent failures...basically the soap would fall apart while I cut it. So I shall continue looking at cool things in hopes that I'll get inspired...I have a lot of work to do in prep for my next fair Oct. 30 + the Christmas fair and season. I suppose I'm just overwhelmed. Meanwhile I'll continue watching the Rugby World Cup...I might make a green soap inspired by the Irish that are playing like a dream!!

Happy soaping!!