22 ene. 2015

Misbehaving Soap - Sea Breeze

No matter how much experience you have, there's always going to be that one soap that makes you suffer. Mine is Sea Breeze. For this one I use aloe gel prepared from scratch and I've tried adding it at different stages with always the same end result...soap on a stick! Fragrance I believe has a part on it as well, it speeds up the process...but the aloe gel...oh man...makes me go crazy!

This time around I decided to change the colors using coral reef blue and emerald green. Let me tell you they added to the nightmare! Emerald green turned sleet gray and coral reef blue morphed to a darker shade. On top of that, the white part of the soap turned to stone before I could pour. Definitely not a pretty soap!

So after the ordeal of pouring it (flopping it in) I left it to gel, and gel it did...all over the counter :'( I don't know why the green and blue part just started liquefying!! It was way too late and I was over the soap.

By next morning I had a hot mess in my lab. It was still runny and ugly so I decided to pop it in the oven for a while - sans mould. Smart right? Needless to say I have a very clean oven now. I managed to fit it in the mould and finish the cooking, but it still is one ugly duckling. DD says it's pretty and she likes the colors, let's hope the customers do as well.

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