15 feb. 2011

New toy!! Oster stick blender

Happy Valentine's!! Better late than never :P

I haven't written in a while - time just flies! I've been quite busy at work, we're in the process of hiring a new resource and i have to pick up slack. My boss is really happy that I am, but it's a lot of work.

Anywho...my romantic hubby gave me a lovely present for Valentine's - a brand new Oster stick blender!! I tried it out on a yummy oat, milk and honey batch of soap and it traced (heavy) within 3 minutes - AMAZING!

I love it but am completely without coconut oil - so I can't try it until I buy some. It's really difficult to go to where I got it the last time, at leat an hour's drive there and another hour back - it's killer. And besides, I didn't like the quality - I think it made my soap have a certain smell although the oil itself was not smelly. I did get a tip that my fave distributor did not go broke, they just moved their lab to another city (4 hrs away but 30 mins away from my mother-in-law and the most beautiful beaches!!). So I have to call and figure out how to purchase from them directly.

I started using the oats soap and it is simply wonderful...really soft on the skin, cleans but not excesively - I have a problem with cleansers because my skin tends to get oily if I overcleanse - so medium cleanser is great. it leaves my sin soft and not taught - and the next day my skin feels like I've just washed it (this is when I usually feel like a fried egg). I hope that by having the honey (added once the soap was cooked) it will help my mild acne as well...and the milk...well, just makes me feel regal like Cleopatra. It smells like caramel popcorn, so it's a hit with my DD too :)

Pics to come!!
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