27 ene. 2011

Of love letters long past

My uncle passed away last Sunday. He had a short and terrible fight with cancer, but there was nothing to be done. He was given painkillers and made as comfortable as possible. He went from being a huge burly guy to a shadow of himself.
My dad went yesterday and cleaned his house, and amongst the things he had, he had a beautiful love letter from my great grandfather to his -at that time - girlfriend, which would later become his wife. It's dated January 2nd, 1912 and is basically a letter apologizing to my great grandma for not being with her. Today we would send a text message to our loved one asking for a rain check, back then the apology turned into the most romantic love letter ever. It reads: "I'm sorry for not being by your side, you know how much the absent heart aches, but soon, the day after tomorrow, I will be able to enjoy the pleasure of seeing you and be able to tell you: I'm yours. But now, far away from you, my spirit is by your side and accompanying you, and telling you to please wait for me." He signs it "Goodbye machita (blondie), your Rómulo"
It's too bad that we've lost that eloquence and romanticism that would turn an everyday thing into a poem.
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