15 may. 2012

Soap display ideas

 I've been searching the web for a nice soap display I can offer the retail stores with my product. Up until now I've used cute baskets, but the soap really doesn't shine in them. So I want to make a display that will showcase the product and be a perk for the store to have on their counter.

So far these are the ones I like the most, our first idea was the one in the bottom left hand corner, but we are thinking about the weight - will it hold in a glass countertop? Probably not unless it is a really light wood. Then we thought of the one in the middle of the second line from the top, it uses a lot less wood so it will weigh less. I wanted to go with MDF and do some type of country paint on it, but my hubby doesn't feel comfortable working with MDF, so we'll go with pine probably.

What types of soap displays do you like/have on your stores?

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