1 ago. 2013

Catching up with my inventory

Thanks to my wonderful customers, and due to my vacations and my day job - my inventory got pretty low this month. I'm finally catching up and I'm starting to have a workable number of soaps.

About a third of what my inventory should be - lots of work ahead this next week!

The major customer I have is soon opening another store in a part of town that I've been asked to sell my products lots of times, so I'm really exited for that. It will also mean a pick up in my sales, hopefully double what I have right now (or more) - which also means I have to double up on production YAY!!

I've also been contacted by another store that purchased one of my soaps and loved it! They have three stores distributed quite well around town. I'm set up to meet with them and hopefully start working with them by next week.

I'm struggling with reducing the number of fragrances/styles of soap, but it's so fun to make each and everyone one of them that I think I'll end up adding to them :) there's just so many cool things to do with soap and so many pretty scents that I just can't cut any. Especially with the new Great Cakes Soap challenges every month - the soaps featured there are to die for!! So much talent :)

As of right now, here are some little piggies that are being delivered tomorrow, in search for their new homes.

49 piggies looking for a new home
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