25 oct. 2011

New Comers Fair on Sunday

Next Sunday is the "New Comers" fair at the Cariari Country Club. This is the fair that started it all. Last year my mother-in-law invited me...I scrambled to get everything ready and I went with a very limited and - lets face it - ugly set of soaps. Small sized, almost none of them containing coconut oil, most without color. I of course did not sell much - more out of nerves than out of product.

After that fair, I decided to make soap more like Inner Earth or Patti Flynn, and I've been experimenting ever since. I still have a long way to go to get to the great masters, but I feel I'm light years ahead of what I was like last year.

I'm not taking a lot of product to the fair mainly because I did not get inspired, so I have these bars and maybe a set just like it. Hopefully they'll all sell, but if not there's another fair I did quite well last year.

Now I'm off to make lip balms and solid perfumes. Those were hot sellers during the summer. I also have to fix some labels which I printed incorrectly two times...grrr.

Keep positive!
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