7 nov. 2011

Productive weekend - inspiration is in the house

I finally got hit by inspiration :)

I was stuck in a rut, no ideas came to mind and it was horrible. But finally, this weekend I had a flash and started making beautiful soap. It started with the funnel soap, which gave way to trying another new technique, this time inspired by this great video:
She does it with three colors but I was missing a couple of hands, so I tried with two colors (and still neede an extra pair - thankfully hubby was there to help out). I had tried this another time but didn't quite get the effect I wanted on the middle part of the soap, so I tried the metal hanger. Again hubby came in handy making a wonderful tool for me. I tried bending the hanger and nothing happened jajaja :) We both poured the two colors side by side and then had several runs with the hanger - back and forth. On top, I did do the feathers by just barely dipping the end of the bamboo stick on the soap. The result: just beautiful!!

Still need more practice with the hanger...the feathers in the middle are barely visible. But overall I'm really happy how it turned out. It is scented with Rosemary and Orange EOs - a special blend for enabling confidence. The yellow part is colored with curry in the olive oil (it's been sitting for about a month) and the red part is colored with cayenne pepper in the olive oil. I thought they'd be a lot lighter but I suppose steeping so long fixed the color in both. This was CPd.

I also made two other loafs (HP): one pure castille with a nice touch of cocoa and then a lavender one (bleh!). I hate how lavender smells, but it's just one of those fragances that everyone seems to love. So to please the crowds I made on with purple in the pot swirls - too bad the purple was not stable for HP soap...the blue was...so it turned out more blue than purple...

Then for the castille one I didn't want it to be boring, so I sprinkled some cocoa to create a nice dark line across the white soap. It looks amazing, like a mountain ridgeline...the sides look all fudgy so it made me think of rocky road..that yummy chocolaty dessert.
How was everyones weekend?

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