15 sep. 2015

Green Tea Infused Soap

Green Tea Infused soap is one of the freshest smelling soap in our collection. It's one of those pick me up scents that will turn the shower into the it place to be.
We also infuse the water we use to make this soap with green tea, so as to give our base recipe a little extra Umph!

First, we prepare a really strong infusion, using about 6 tea bags in 1.5 L of boiling water. We put that in the freezer to bring the temperature down and in the meantime we weigh our oils.

We start with the oils that are solid at room temperature, measuring each one and then melting them in the microwave.

While the oils melt, we measure out the liquid oils.

Next we mix both and let stand so the temp lowers just above room temp.

By this time, the green tea infusion is ready for the lye. We slowly add lye to the water (never the other way around) and mix mix mix. If it gets hot, we stick it back in the freezer.

Once both the lye water and oils are about room temperature, we slowly pour the lye in the oils, a the while mixing gently with a wire whisk.

Now it's time to emulsify everything with our stick blender! This is the fun part!!

Our recipe is very fast to trace, so we beat just until emulsified and add the fragrance beating just a bit more. After that, we then divide the batch in three and add the color - green, yellow and white.

For the soaps in the pic, we used the ITPS - or in the pot swirl - consisting of pouring the colors back in the main color (white) and slowly adding them to our moulds. The pouring action makes those pretty swirls.

We then decorate the tops with a spoon and sprinkle glitter all over - love it!!

After 24 hours, the soap is ready to be cut and left to cure for the next 4 weeks. Easy as that!
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