14 dic. 2010

New babies in the family

Say hello to the new babies in the family!!

These new babies are part of the samples I'm to hand in this week. They are all naturally scented and colored, which was tricky specially for the orange one. For sure this gave me the opportunity to make lemonade, figuratively speaking. I had the base product and had to come up with wonderful creations. It was hard at first, trying to think outside the bar, but then it started flowing so naturally it was a wonderful experience. As I write, I have them sitting down beside me and they smell so wonderful!! let me introduce you to them...

Lovely Chocolate-Mint, although I have the "fake" version of this, the idea was to create a more natural version. For this, organic chocolate was used for it's fragrance and color - a deep brown color. The white parts contain spearmint EO and nothing else. It is a delicious fresh smell. I was amazed with the chocolate, I used about 1/2 oz to color around 8 oz of soap, i thought it was going to be a light color, but it turned out this rich brown color. Loved it!!

Full Moon Over the Dessert - a shampoo bar with fresh mint and lemon grass EOs, an invirogating mix of fragrances. This shampoo has a long list of oils, waxes and butters, perfect for keeping hair healthy. Green color was given by the seaweed mixed with the base soap.

Orange chocolate soap, a lovely mix of organic chocolate and sweet orange EO. Coloured with powdered anato (achiote), a very common spice in Costa Rica, and mixed with orange peel to give a little exfoliating action. Lovely color, lovely texture - but alas you cannot eat it :(

Calendula Honey soap, a very simple soap base with coconut milk, mixed with calendula flowers and honey. This soap is a very smooth bar with great calming properties. i fiddled around with adding fragrance, but the calendula flowers give it it's own unique aroma. Of the natural soaps, this is the most natural there is.

Finally, a simple shampoo bar, full of nutrients and moisturizers, colored with seaweed for that beautiful pale green, and fragrance with Lemon Grass EO. A must for hair care, and body care, and face care. shampoo bars are wonderful that way, they are supersoaps, there's no reason not to use them for all your soaping needs. They are also fabulous for a trip abroad since you don't need to take 2 oz shampoo bottles plus the soap...you can take any size bar of soap and use it for everything.

Hope you've enjoyed them, they are my new favourites.
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