7 dic. 2010


Waiting...for the soap to cook. I would not write about this unless it was a monumental thing..and it is. It is my first official product sample developed for another person tha is not me.

I was approached by a very nice woman on the fair the other day (I'll write tomorrow about the fair..I promise). She wanted to include soaps in her body care line, and wanted to try my products out and see if we could come to an arrangement. I met with her today and everything went better than I ever could have imagined. She ended up buying some of my ready made product and she gave me some butters, EOs and callendula flowers to develop some samples for her store.

I'm so happy :)

So now, I'm waiting for my liquid soap to cook, which is currently in the not so liquid - can't stick my spoon on it - stage. I still have about two to three hours to go on this one, but so far it's looking really nice.

I think I'll use the lemongrass EO on this one.

I forgot to say, she does not want artificial ingredients on her soap, no fragrances or colorants. I love a natural bar of soap so it's a match made in heaven :) Plus I get to experiment more with natural colors :):)

I'll let you know how my soap goes...bummer I have to let it "rot" before I can try it :(

If your feeling daring, please try this book by Catherine Failor, on Liquid Soaps. It's simple and to the point - it's only missing "Don't Panic" writen on the cover in nice friendly letters. Well actually it says Liquid soaps in nice friendly letters, so that will do :)

Also in spanish: Jabones Liquidos (Spanish Edition)
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