8 dic. 2010

Care and Share Artist's Market

As promised, these are the pics from the artist's market last Saturday. I loved the fair, there was a lot of movement and people liked the product a lot. The crowd was really young so the best seller's were the colorful soaps with a lot of fragrance.

Parents liked the more natural ones, like Ginger and cinnamon soap or beer soap. This one person took 8 bars of beer soap! That was a hit! The other favorite was the chocolate mint soap, I was left with one bar only...have to make more of those :) Bath salts are not a big thing :( Too bad because I love to make them!

Jewelry started moving also, which I was kind of worried about, no one seemed to like it at the other fair. I need to work out a better set up for it though, looks crowded and people are afraid of even touching the jewelry - not sure why. I need to practice practice practice.

I changed the look of the table a lot from the other fair...included a lot of earth tones, several levels and color but not competing with the product. It made the product stand out a lot more than the ugly blue color we had at the other fair. I also included gift baskets, which I thought would be a great hit with Christmas just around the corner, but I ony managed to sell one of those.

Overall I'm really happy with the outcome...it gave me the boost I needed to continue creating beautiful soaps :)
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