11 dic. 2010

Soap Base in the making

Hey everyone,

Life has been hectic around here, work gets in the way LOL. Today I whipped up a 2lb batch of base soap, to be turned into 3 beautiful creations: Chocolate orange soap, chocolate mint soap and calendula soap. All using only organic chocolate and essential oils. This is part of the samples I want to turn in next week.

Oils and lye mixing. As usual, I reduced the water to 30% and substituted the remaining with coconut milk. This gives the soap an extra yumminess that I've come to love. Oils used were Olive, Coconut, palm, sunflower oil and Shea butter.

Here the mixture is starting to trace (light) so I added the coconut milk, mixed for a little while longer and transferred to my preheated crock pot, for the hour long cook. I realize that hot process is a little harder to handle when you want to accomplish swirls, but just by doing the extra step of cooking I don't need to keep it sitting on a shelf for 4 weeks. I still get away with nice swirls and colors, and get to use my soap the next day. LOVE IT!

Hopefully by tomorrow, the samples will look half as good as these soaps from SUDS...they're amazing!!!
Or these calendula soaps by Sabons Carmeta -WOW!!
Enjoy the soap porn!!Posted by Picasa
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