2 dic. 2010

What's in your pot?

The rebatch pot that is. I began this week feeling my soaps were ugly. So this week has been dedicated to remelting, adding colors and scents to my soap.

I've managed to do a tri color set with three lovely fragances. Hard to do with HP soap, but not bad at all for my first try with layering:

And this morning I did a two color/fragrance soap. It was fun since I made yellow soap balls, rolled them in cocoa powder and embedded into green soap. I'm waiting for it to cool down so I can go and cut it.

However, I did not take into consideration my stupidness. Since I do HP soap, it's not as liquid as melt and pour, so I was afraid the green soap would not flow around the yellow balls. So I banged the mold against my work table a couple of times. I was also worried about it getting hard on the pot instead of the mold so I kept going and banging it. When I finished I noticed it was thicker than usual...it checked the sides and they were ruined!!! I banged too hard and the mold twisted...I tried banging the other way with a rubber mullet, but I don't think the mold will survive :(

Hope the soap did not suffer too much :( Ill take pics of the cutting and post them.

Next time I'll stupid proof my station.
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