19 may. 2011

Fair coming up :)

Great news!! I have a fair coming up June 5th. It's just the thing I needed. Now I actually have a reason for making tons of soap - my DH claims "just because" is not a good reason, I honestly don't see why not :P

On my to do list are:
Beer soap (a guy pleaser)
Exfoliating strawberry musk
Tweed (a soon to be guy pleaser - a new fragrance I got that smells oh so good!)
Ginger, cinnamon orange soap - I'm thinking spice swirls all over the soap
Coconut Milk - can't do without it :)
Salt bars...I did a test last week and loved the result! need to do more
Lemon poppy seed - never done this one before but it looks so cool in a few pictures I've seen...exfoliating action too
And a newcomer - strawberry chocolate!! kids will love that one!

I love it that the 2 CP soaps will be ready for the fair. Those turned up really pretty. I still have to take pics of them....and they smell divine!!!

The fair is free (woohoo) and the only thing they ask is to give an explanation or activity related to my company, so I thought of demonstrating how to make a sugar scrub at home...thinking about a brown sugar, coffee and orange scrub, with liquid soap and almond oil for extra yuminess. It's really quite simple to make, I can go on and on about the qualities of homemade products if needed or I can shorten it up and make it in a jiffy, and it doesn't compete with my products, meaning it is not one of the products I sell.

I'd love to hear tips and tricks from all of you...do you think this would be a nice and easy thing to do at the fair? Any other ideas?
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