23 may. 2011

Health and Environment fair

I've signed up for this fair, June 5th :)

It's at my club, by mere chance I saw the flier and asked if I could participate with my soaps and they were really happy as I qualify for both focuses of the fair - the health part for obvious reasons and the environment part because the soap is bio-degradable. So I'm really happy to be part of this. They are expecting around 300 people :)

I'm working on getting soaps out for the fair, and also on my lotions. I made a wonderful lotion with everything but the kitchen sink, perfect for my poor acne filled face :( I prepared a strong chamomile and green tea infusion, blended it with rice, oatmeal, honey and fresh aloe vera gel. I added Germaben II to keep all the icky stuff away from my lotion and used only coconut and sunflower oils, to keep it light, filled with vitamin E and a little sun safe due to the coconut oil. It went marvelous, my face has improved a lot. However...it went bad. I noticed yesterday the funky smell of something left in the fridge for too long, and it's swelling the bottle like it's producing a lot of gas...and bubbles too. i guess I overdid it with the organics and under did it with the preservatives. I was so happy with the result, but now it's back to square one :(

I'm going to a dermatologist today. My face is getting worse and worse, really itchy, red and full of acne looking bumps. I don't think it is a breakout per se, more of a nervous/allergic kind of thing. He'll probably pump me full of antibiotics, send me home full of soaps and cream (and empty pockets). But I'll do anything to stop the itching :( Besides it doesn't speak so well of my products. Even though I know it's not an allergic reaction to what I do, first impression still counts - I feel everyone will think it's because of my soap :'(

More on my appointment tomorrow.

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