10 may. 2011

Long time no blog!

Hey...it's been a looong time since I blogged something. It's been quite hectic around here...I've been making soap like crazy, and perfumes, and lip balms...the last two are a great hit...especially the perfumes.

I've recently been informed that my regular supplier will no longer carry the perfume pots, and the alternative is too expensive, so I had to switch pots...hopefully the new ones will sell as well as the old ones.

The new ones also can be stacked, so ideas are flowing for the different possibilities.

On a sad note, two weeks ago today my grandma died...that makes two family members gone this year, hope it stops there. Since that day I've been drowning in depression, making soap and the other stuff is just a way out, but still feeling pretty bad.

Wanted to show you guys the new amenity size soaps, available on my facebook shop individually or in threesomes (kinky). Can be mixed and matched or three of the same type. All the same soap types are available in this new size.

I've been experimenting with CP soap, so far I've successfully created a beautiful "Cassata" type soap (three layer ice cream: vanilla, chocolate and strawberry) and one that did not turn out the way it was supposed to - color morphed into a beautiful bar of soap. I actually think my original thought would not look as pretty as the morphed result, it looks like a bromelia flower...I have to take pics later on when they're fully cured. Also this morning I made two toned coffee soap...still need to unmold and cut that one to check out how it looks. Promise to take pictures and post.

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