26 may. 2011


Well....I'm trying to plan ahead for the fair...and good thing I did! I'm almost out of product!! I spread out everything I had and it wasn't much :(I have 11 pcs each of bromelia, coffee, beer and chocolate strawberry...and like 4 each of the other ones. I need to get cooking asap!!

My DH says I need to make more coffee soap...only the coffee one is CP and I only have a week left...so that one's out of the question...I don't like how it turns out in HP. Bromelia and Cassata are in the same boat. So I'll have to play it by ear on those.

The rest I can cook up, DH already promised he'll make me a few more molds so I can make several batches at once, that will ease up my stress. The list right now is as follows: honey/almond, mint/seaweed, rosemary/lavender, choco/mint, sports fan, exfoliating castile, strawberry musk and coconut milk. As for the other products I need to make 1 additional batch of each honey, chocolate and mint lip balms and my perfumes moon, amber, Tuscany, figs, vanilla, strawberry and black raspberry. This while juggling my day job!

I don't want to overdo it in case the I don't sell much, but I don't want to go with too little product and run short mid-fair.

I've also changed my labels, I made them bigger and with the name a different color. Cassata is the old label, Café is the new label. I wanted to add a nice reference pic but it will eat my ink away and it looked too busy, I don't want to take attention away from my soaps.

I still need to pack the beer and chocolate strawberry soap and label them.

Update on my face: the gel stinks. I'm sure I'll heal just not to smell that thing again. Soap is cool, it has big friendly letters saying this product contains no parabens (cool) and contains no soap - which is funny because it's made with palm and coconut oils in addition to sodium hydroxide - so I suppose they mean no detergents. Night cream is horrible too, but doesn't smell as yucky as the day gel. Oh, and the pill makes my mouth really dry :(

OK...done nagging - now off to do what I like...soap!!
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