7 jun. 2011

Beautiful new molds and cutter

My hubby is the best one out there! As I was getting ready for the fair, it was clear that with only one mold I wasn't going to make it. So he stepped in to help :) He asked me a few questions, sat with me while I did my things and then took off to the hardware store. He made me three of the most beautiful molds in the world, and a cutter to go with them. They are impecably made, close tightly and don't unlatch when I have to bang them to settle the soap. I absolutely love them!!
On this pic you can see both the cutter and the mold (with some wacky soap that did not work too well :()
Here you can see the mold completely opened up. this is great for those soap logs that just refuse to budge. I just open the sides and TA-DA! Soap log is out. The size is the same as the cutter so I just take the papaer out and transfer to the cutter. It is really practical, multiplies my production capacity by three and my cutting is super fast and easy.

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