15 jun. 2011

My first job booked - baby shower favors

I'm soooo happy!! I got a call from one of the clients at the last fair asking to please please do 15 packs of 1 oz bars for a baby shower at the end of the month. They both loved the product (mom and grandma) and wanted to share with their guests an unique gift that they could use. The baby shower is going to be a mixer so they needed something useful and unisex. I am so happy they chose my product, the scents are bromelia - funny story about that one - strawberry chocolate and coconut milk.

She's having a girl and asked for a strong pink or pink ribbon...hope she likes the curly things I did with the ends.. I've got the soaps packed and ready to be delivered. I also had the request to put a small sticker with the name of the soap and my contact information in case the other guests were interested in the favors - how cool is that! I wish all customers were like that. So all I have to do now is print the stickers and label the soaps and deliver.

The funny story about the bromelia is that I had this one customer pick the soap up, smell it and his comment was "Wow!! smells just like bromelias" and then gave it to his wife to smell and she agreed. The funny part is that bromelias do not actually have a smell, they're not even flowers, they are just pretty colored leaves. Sooo...since the customer is always right I totally agreed with him and he bought a bar :)

Hope to have more party favor requests in the future...they're awesome fun to make.

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