6 jun. 2011

Health and Environment Fair

Was a success!! I love the organization of the fair, everything was nice and neat, my product looked great in the table, lunch was amazing, it was free, we had a lot of fun and made a bunch of sales and contacts. Overall a complete success!

Lip balms and solid perfumes were the big sellers, also the small 1 oz soap bars which I make from the ends split in half. Nobody seems to mind they are not even sided, I suppose it adds to the glamour of handcrafted soap. Everybody loved the chocolate soaps but strangely enough nobody bought any, they went with the seaweed, bromelia and tweed ones. Another eye opener is that no one minded that the soaps were made with fragrances rather than essential oils. Seaweed is made with essential but the other two have both color and fragrance, so that was interesting.

I would say that 90% of the people that went by my table bought something, and out of those about 80% asked where my shop was to buy more product in the future. This is greatly encouraging as I've been quite afraid to open a shop. But after yesterday it is definitely something to plan for.

The other interesting thing we saw is that no matter the level of income or age or sex, everybody had something they were interested in. I thought only middle/high class women would like my product but yesterday's fair proved me wrong (another go ahead flag for the shop :)

So overall it was an eye opener! We need to get our ducks in order and go ahead with the store idea. I've also been invited to an upcoming fair in July, so I have an excuse to make more soap (as if I needed one).

I just finished photographing my soaps, trying to update my website and facebook...I hope I can get to it today as I handed out a lot of business cards yesterday.

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