17 jun. 2011

A little about me...

I've recently taken a quiz for a training I attended, identifying what personality type relates to me the most. This ultimately helps people around me work with me more effectively and helps me identify how I can best accomplish my goals.
I have a day job, regretfully it's not soaping, it's project management at a very big IT company, I get to work with a loooot of people around the globe, so if I know how I work I will be better prepared to work with others. But this self assessment has also trigerred a more rigourous search for the real me. I feel like I lost myself somewhere a long the way this past year and am trying desperately to find what I lost. I've also been asked to take the strengthsfinder assessment (also for work) and this has also proven to be enlightening. The things I was trying to run away from the fastest I could because they were drowning me are the things that make me - well - me. By nature I'm a realtor, restorative, emphatic, individualizer, achiever and responsible person - and let me tell you, this combination takes a big toll on my feelings. I feel other people's feelings like they were my own (reason why I can't watch dramatic/meaningful movies and shows - they charge me with negative energy), my greatest strength is servicing and listening, I'm intrigued by the unique qualities of each person and take satisfaction from being busy and productive. Finally I am committed to stable values such as loyalty and honesty.
It's amazing how a questionnaire can be so accurate, I couldn't have described myself better than that and although I try to not be that person because it's a heavy burden to carry I still am. So now that I know who I am and what I do best I have a heading on what I need to fix.

And just to make this soap related...here's some much deserved porn. Thank you Sergio for being such and inspiration!

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