16 sep. 2008

Independence Day!

Yesterday Costa Rica celebrated our Independence Day. We had a great time. I live in a little town about 30 minutes from everywhere, it's close enough to be comfortable, but far enough to still retain the country charm. It's one of the few towns that has parades in front of the local church, whereas all the rest go to the major cities and have the parades there.
I wanted DD to have a big heart for her country, I never liked those parades much, having participated every school year in them, it's always hot, thirsty and tiresome, but as a mommy I need to build her country spirit.

We walked from our house to the "town square", about a mile, mile and a half, and got just in time for the parade, in which children from the local schools play marches and cheerleaders and batons and flags move to the beat. It was really nice and all of us enjoyed the nice day out.

My father-in-law flew in from Guatemala, where he currently lives, so he had a taste of the local custom as well. He only comes about once a year, the last time he came was when DD had just turned three. I was a little worried, since she doesn't see him much how would she react to him. He is a big burly guy full of hugs, but to both my DH and my amazement, she hugged him and never let go. They have been glued together this whole weekend. I was very happy for that, and he is just static. I wish we could see him and his wife more, they look like they need family around.
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