5 sep. 2008

Sewing troubles...

I'm having the hardest time sewing a really really cool skirt I saw. Here's my inspiration:
And here's how it's coming along:

Of course I'm not using real leather, it's just PVC, but man is it giving me headaches!! I've set the machine's tension to the fullest and the thread is still bunching up underneath...URGH!!

In a desperate move I have decided to sew with the right side facing up and completely ignore the thread bunnies underneath, it's not a skirt I'll use all the time anyways and I'm not planning to enter any contests with it, sooooo...as long as it doesn't fall off in the middle of the Club, I'm good. Which of course isn't true since I'm a perfectionist, probably what will happen is that I'll finish it by hand. it's such a cool idea, it's just killing me!!

I do have a corset planned with the same material in the nearby future, so I better find a solution soon.

On a lighter note....

I finished this beautiful shirt for my DD, it came from a Burda magazine Pattern (03/08 pattern 132B)
She looks absolutely adorable in it :D

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