8 sep. 2008

Another Monday Morning

Why are Monday mornings so awful? I can't seem to get a grip on Monday mornings, breakfast is eaten in a hurry, I can never find anything to wear, DDs hair looks terrible no matter what I do, she always cries (she is quite brilliant so she refuses to go to preK because it is "too boring", happened to me too), my DH requires a crane and a drill sergeant to get out of bed. Just plain horrible! To top it off, I had to come to the office today!

Anywhooooo...I guess we have to live with Mondays, just makes us wish Saturday and Sunday would last forever.

I started my corsé yesterday, I made the pattern, marked the fabric and cut the pieces...so far so good. I do have one problem, I have absolutely no idea what I'm going to use as ribs. I don't know where I can get lingerie ribs around here, and I don't know what to use as an alternative. I have to do some research on that.

I took a lot of pictures yesterday of my progress, but of course forgot the SD Card at home, so I'll post them tomorrow. I do however have pics of past projects....enjoy...

Oh, and yes, I'm finishing the mini skirt by hand, I could't help myself :(
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