11 sep. 2008

A very sad sad day...

A few years ago, I was working in a souvenier shop in El Pueblo, we closed the shop at around 10 or 12 every night, opened at 10 am, a really tough schedule. We used to crash the second we hit the bed and woke up just in time for a quick shower and hurry to the shop again. So when the phone rang at around 7 am I was not a happy camper. It was my mom, the only thing she could mutter was put CNN something happened in New York. Her voice was so weird I just turned on the TV. I thought it was a prank, there, before my eyes, was a burning tower. I nudged my husband awake and in panic saw how the second airplane hit the towers, Mom was still on the line, the three of us completely silent. How horrible it was to see the towers go down, all those people panicking, it was terrible to see, I don't want to imagine how terrible it was to have been there. My cousin's husband works as a police officer in the Big Apple, it wasn't until later that we found out that their child was sick that day, and they had taken her to the doctor's office. He didn't go to work that day, otherwise I'm quite sure he would have been in one of the towers helping people, his jurisdiction is that area.

I cry everytime I remember that day, although I did not lose anybody it doesn't mean the lives lost mean less. My heart goes out to all who lost relatives and friends in that tragedy, may God always fill your hearts with peace.

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