12 sep. 2008


Hurray!! Friday!! and a long weekend to boot :)

There's so much I have to do before I log off, but I'm happy. Today is one of those days that you feel you can actually finish your to do list at work. It's beautiful!

I'm also crocheting a wonderful something...not sure if a table top or a rug, depends on the size. It's currently 7 inches accros and I'm doing round 9 of 28, so there's a high possiblity it's a rug. I'm using a size E hook and kithchen twine for thread. I love the stuff, most of my work is done using that. It's really cheap cotton twine, 6 ply and works wonderfully for crochet as well as knitting. Aran knitting look marvelous done in that stuff. I love that natural color and feel, completely opposite from the acryllic stuff, which is mostly what I get down here.
The pattern is from one of my favourite magazines of all time, it's called "Trabalhos em Barbante", a Brazilean production made specifically for, you know it, projects made from kitchen twine :) A match made in heaven :P

Have a safe weekend everyone!

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