8 nov. 2010

Busy weekend - two batches

Wow...did I have a busy weekend or what! I whipped up two batches of soap. One coconut (my favorite), and one with nori sea weed (I was feeling daring). They both turned out wonderfully perfect. It almost took me more time preping the ingredients than it took the soap to reach trace!

Below I'm mixing up the oils and lye. I reduced the amount on both to 2 oz, vs the 8 that were needed. The remaining 6 I substituted for coconut milk in the case of the coconut soap, and for sea weed pureed with water for the sea weed soap.

I used my mom's Black&Decker because it had a whisk and very slow speed, but it was interesting because I initially mix the lye in with a spatula, and I almost didn't have to mix it, it was almost tracing right there.

It took no more than two minutes for the soap to trace. Amazing!

I put in the additional 6oz of sea weed puree in this case, a bit more mixing and the soap was at full trace.

So I transfered it into the cock pot...

One hour later - perfect soap! And no zapping! I fragranced and did some in the pot swirling with green and blue - which turned out yellow and purple in the final product.

I'm so proud of my soap!!

I also translated my webpage to spanish, for those who prefer spanish...come check it out! Madero Negro - Jabones Artesanales

Told you - busy weekend!
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