1 nov. 2010

Preparing for the Dec 4th fair

Hey everyone! I'm currently caught up in the world of soaps. Since I have made so many and still have a craving for more, I'm jumping in the fair market to get rid of the surplus. I did one Oct 24 which didn't turn out as good as I hoped, but I did get to sell like 20 bars of soap.
I'm now traying to prepare for the next fair, Dec 4th. Me being me I'm freaking out because the sales I had were not enough to give me an idea of which is the most liked product :( So I'm preparing castille and more coconut (which was the top seller with like 5 bars). I did have a request for lemongrass soap...so I probably should make that one also. No one bought the bath salts buhuu :(
I also had jewelry in the same table, which I don't think was a good idea...too many things to look at plus everyone and their mother had jewelry also (with a few exceptions).
So, looking for ideas...what is the soap that you like the most? Thinking also about making beer soap and wine soap, I'll see how that goes.
Three sad notes, I had to put my dog down last week...tears still fill my eyes whenever I think about it. Today we discovered 7 of our daughters fish were dead (terrible news also) and my recipe notebook has gone missing...so I don't have any of my soap recipes, will need to start all over again :(
Last week was a bad week...hope this one is better.
My hubby had the idea that I should begin to digitalize my recipes, but it's so much nicer to have them handwritten in a notebook - I dream of the day my daughter shows her granddaughters the notebook along with a story on how her mommy made these beautiful creations.
Anyways, enough dreams...let me tell you what I cooked up yesterday: I made delicious Castille soap - or at least tried to. After a few hours cooking, it still zapped me :( I got it out of the pot (lest we repeat the burnt soap tragedy) and figured I could cure it as I would any other CP soap. Hope it turns out OK. I'll use that as a base for pure castille soap and spotted castille - to which I add poppy seeds for color and a smooth expoliating feel.
Will let you know how that goes. In the meantime, here's spotted castille from my last batch:

Will also be opening a web store shortly, in the meantime, you can visit and ask me how to order: http://www.wix.com/irefercr/maderonegro
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