12 nov. 2010

Computer crashed!! Had to format and start from scratch :( - Cool Fact Friday

Well...I've been MIA because my computer blue screened on me. I had to format it and reload all the software (which was the painful part). I'm still running jobs in the back, hope to be 100% by this afternoon.

Thankfully I didn't lose much, lost some business pics I had acquired and the soap formula/label templates I was working on. But so far I haven't missed anything really really important.

In the midst of losing my (virtual) life balance, I got the fragances fom Elements Bath and Body. They're everything I expected them to be :) And the package included goodies!!! I'm so happy I wish I could run and go make soap right now!!

Thanks for the great service EB&B!!

Today is Friday, so here's your cool fact for today: ""good, mild, completely saponified soap is generally more or less alkaline with a pH between 8 and 10" - thanks to Kevin Dunn in Scientific Soapmaking for this very interesting fact.

Many commercial soaps boast their neutral soap qualities, however they still give me allergies. My soap, which is around pH 9, is wonderful on my skin. Guess it has nothing to do with alkalinity and more to do with what goes in the actual soap formula.

Happy soaping!
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