9 nov. 2010

Banana Egg soap

I went ahead and did it! I made the banana egg shampoo I wanted to do! In the end I did a normal HP soap with the addition of avocado oil. I also pureed 1 banana and 1 egg to add at trace (having reduced their weight from the water contents of the formula). I turned out great! It doesn't smell like banana or eggs, which was one of my concerns. It did take a while to trace and to cook, I took it out still zapping a little, so I'll have to wait a couple of weeks before I test it, but I do like the final product :)

I also tried using one of the pyrex loaf molds and they turned out pretty nice! I got 7 4oz bars of handsome soap :) They're 1" thick and hefty...a perfect bar...so I'll do some rebatching tonight on those that are just not up to my standards. I'm also thinking about packing the smaller round bars into 5 packs and selling them like that. Also on the rebatching thinking about molding using a frosting sleeve and little "besitos" or flowerettes, packing 10 into a bag as gifts - kind of one use soaps.

As you can see I'm trying to bring variety into my fair table. December fair is getting closer :) I'm a little disheartened as the regulation here for soaps is quite rough, but I'll persue as far as I can. need good vibes right now.

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