3 nov. 2010

Banana/egg shampoo bar

I had the idea of making a shampoo bar that has both banana and eggs in it, mainly because my hairdresser recommended I mix these two up and apply to my hair to keep the blonde tresses from turning green or loosing the luster. I'm still investigating on how to actually do a shampoo bar as my expertise (ha!) is limited to CP and HP soap. I guess my biggest concern is the base product availability here in Costa Rica.
I'm guessing I would also have to include preserving agents into the mix, and I don't really like using those, but I am worried about the shelf life on the product since it contains two raw products. Also I dont want it to smell like rotten eggs after a few weeks. I suppose I could add it at trace and they follow the normal HP process, hopefully not losing the agents that prevent the hair from growing green.

Any ideas are welcome! In the meantime I'll keep investigating.

I'm going crazy because I can't get the coconut oil anywhere, hopefully I'll get some this weekend and then I need to mass produce for the next fair. I'm also entertaining the idea of going to the local farmers market and get a booth, though I have no clue how to do that.

Oh well...lots of investigating to do, also need to write my business plan, as a project manager I feel lost without it. Any ideas ther are also welcome :)

For now, I leave you with a lavender soap I need to rebatch today, I'll be changing the pink to purple and adding a LOT more fragrance as this one seems to have lost it. I hate lavender, but it's one of the favorite smells for soap buyers, so I have to keep the crowds pleased.

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