11 ene. 2011

New soap mold+ Cutter in one

My lovely husband made this amazing artifact this weekend. Call it his contribution (of many) to the soaping business. It is a soap mold, capable of holding up to 5 pounds of soap (maybe a little more), with movable dams that can regulate from 4 oz up to the max.
As you can see, the sides open up, so it is easy for the soap to be unmolded. Here you can see a nice 2 lb log of coffee soap ready for cutting.

After the soap has been unmolded and the lining has been peeled, you can put the sides back up and slide the log forward until it hits a stopper, carefully placed at 1 inch, so each bar is cut as exactly as possible. Here shown with my faithful pasta cutter right in there.
 Soap is easy to get out as it just slips to the sides.

I've tested it with two batches and have no complaints. It's also easy to store as it folds completely flat. Will have to test it at full capacity and see if I can actually move it :) as it is built quite sturdly. My hubby does not trust nails, so he uses screws for everything. Another plus is that it's all made from wood we had lying around, so we only had to buy the hinges and screws, around $4 worth of them. So it's the cheapest mold in history :):)
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