6 ene. 2011

Third time's the charm!

OK...so I didn't get home early yesterday (but I did get home debt free - one of them at least :). So I just whipped up this batch during lunch hour. A delicious beer soap recipe of my own. Soapcalc says it's nice, firm and conditioning. Ant he best part? It's CP!! I finally got it right!! It took a while to trace, but I was patient about it, when I started to feel antsy, I would wash something, clean up my work station, listen to music, anything to keep me from not mixing. And it paid off :) Perfect textbook trace, I even made little patterns with the mixing thingy, twirls and palm leafs. Now on to the first wait before I unmold, then the second and hardest, 4 weeks drying time.
Now, the whole point of this excercise is to be more artsy about my soaps. I want to open the shop with soaps that will sell themeselves. As of now I have to explain what the soap does and it's benefits, if I go into retail, it's just easier for someone to fall in love with the look and then come back for more because of the benefits. it made more sense in my head anyways. So now that I have the recipe down to one I really like, I'm starting on the artsy part. Still to come, colors...have to buy them, I think I'll go with the reputable TKB Trading colors, they seem to be the most talked about, and they have a nice starter kit.
Tomorrow I'll try the coffee one. Just wanted to make sure I could CP before I tried to do anything else more complicated.
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