14 nov. 2011

INBioparque fair update

Products - check
Nice table setup - check
Advertising prior to fair - check
So...where are the customers???? With a day like yesterday, the only crazy people outside of their beds at 8 am were us! It rained all day, which kind off kills the whole point of going to a nature park where you have to walk under the rain :(

So we had everything ready, a wonderful table at the entrance of the park, but hardly any customers. The ones we had were hurrying off home. But all was not that bad. The pople with the table besides ours were interviewed by a local news channel for a daily morning show. While they were filming their product, the interviewer came over to chat. He'd never seen the style of soap I had and was really interested in doing a segment on my products and how I made them. He requested my info (which I had handy) and asked where he could see the product (webpage ready) so he could show the producers and present the idea of making a segment for the show. I am sooo happy!! It would be great for my brand! Just the thing I need to make my soaps go viral.

So I'm here...waiting (im)patiently for news from this person. I'll let you know as soon as I know something.

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