23 nov. 2011

I'm being interviewed on Friday!!

I got called back!! Friday 10 am I have the crew in my lab doing the interview for the channel 6 morning show called Giros :):) (I'll have to miss out on all the black friday specials :'( )

I'm soooo nervous!!! They've asked me to do a short demonstration. Planning on some CP soap, something simple and pretty like yellow lemon with poppy seeds soap or something like that - like SUDS' Pucker Up soap

Or should I do a repeat of one I already have and just show how I did it? Maybe do a soap like confidence...using the hanger method?
I'm also trying to think what to say while going through the process. What do you think I should focus on? What would be an interesting topic to talk about?

Tips and ideas are greately appreciated!!

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