28 nov. 2011

Mommy look...I'm on TV!!!

Yay!! My interview got aired today :) thank you all for your support and comments and ideas :)

I was sooo nervous...more than when the crew was here filming. It was agonizing! But everything turned out marvelous. I got contacted right away by several people wanting to resell my product :) and got 20 more fans on my facebook page :)

I was so happy the soap behaved perfectly on camera- no seizing or fumes or anything wonky - just wonderful soap! My mother-in-law said I was so peaceful and sure of what I was doing it was mesmerizing :) Great reviews!! Let's hope it's the first of many :)

Keeping with the spirit of firsts...I uploaded my first YouTube video...a nice example of superheated soap.

Saturday I still was antsy so I decided to mke two toned coffee soap. I split the regular 3lb recipe in three, two thirds with coffee grinds and one third smooth but almost black from adding coffee to the lye water. I did the coffee in lye part first and poured into the mold, it looked beautiful. I started cleaning up waiting for it to set before getting started on the top layer. When I looked back at it it was boiling over the sides of my 5 lb mold - it was only 1 lb of coffee soap and it just volcanoed. I could do nothing, nothing but film it. I put some funny music to it and voilá, my first YouTube entry :)

Next editions hopefully will be about nice soap, not misbehaved soap. Stay tuned!

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