21 nov. 2011

Recipe for clear soap

Like promised here's the recipe I used for my clear soap. I feel like there was too much water in the soap so I would recommend substracting the water found in the alcohol from the lye water...maybe that will help. I also think I used too much water for the sugar syrup...so next time I'll use half of what I used.
OK...so here's the ingredients:

90 gr coconut oil
50 gr sunflower oil
50 gr olive oil
25 gr cocoa butter
7 gr castor oil
3 gr avocado oil

85 gr water
35 gr lye

121 gr alcohol
93 gr sugar syrup (40 gr sugar plus water to make 93 gr)
49 gr glycerine

1 tbs fragrance (Mediterranean Fig which I love!)

For the next try with this recipe I'll take out 25 gr out of the lye water on account of the water content found in my 80% alcohol; and I'll increase sugar to 65 gr mixed with water to complete the 93 gr.

This recipe was made based on Susan's %s for clear soap, which are:

Soap 55%
Polyol 45%
   alcohol 46%
   sugar syrup 35.4%
   glycerine 18.6%

I wish I could go and try it right now...but my scale died :( I'm glad it's still in warranty otherwise it's another unplanned expense for this month (which include about $1000 car service)

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