4 nov. 2011

1st shot at funnel swirling

Hi everyone...I'm really happy...I finally got to trying the funnel technique on my soap :) I needed to practice CP soaping before I could delve into the more complicated techniques. i've always had problems with the trace...I either go too far and have to drop by lumps or it seperates in the mold and forms a nice oil layer on top. But for the past few batches I think I got the trace down to a T. That's me all geared up this morning. Diane Vonfurstenberg would die if she saw me like this...but I'd rather be unfashionable than being burnt, intoxicated or any other option we might have as soapmakers.
I decided I would do one of my personal favourites which is the famous Mint Rosemary soap. It has a double benefit: for the body the mint estimulates the production of body oil, so ultimately it helps with very dry skin, and rosemary aids circulation. The secondary benefit is mentally, the blend between the two is believed to aid in concentration. So besides looking pretty and smelling yummy, this soap is actually good for you. There you can see my two parts of soap getting ready to be mixed...one plain, no color added just the EO; the other I added seaweed to turn it green plus the EO (I did.
Next I got ready to pour through the funnel. Notice the super chic hi tech gismo used for holding the funnel (patent pending - just kidding!) I made it out of a piece of thick paper backed up by two craft wooden sticks - the ones little kids use a lot in school. it held up the funnel and the added weight the soap was going to have.
Closeups of the nifty little thingy.
Sorry for the lack of in between pics...kinda missing a third arm for that. I alternated the two colors at a rate of about 4 oz per color...up to my regular 3 lbs. In the end it looked like this.

I just removed the funnel and it looks soooo cute!! I had time to pour all the soap in without it going wonky on me. I can't wait to cut it...i almost did this afternoon, it looked hard enough to hold up...but I stopped myself in time. By tomorrow it will be ready to cut and I wont make a mess out of it :)
I'll be sure to take pics of the finished product for everyone to see.

How's your experience with funneling been? I'd love to hear from you...tips, tricks, funny stories...anything goes :)

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