9 nov. 2011

When bad things happen to nice (stubborn) people

I was happily soaping away today...making what was to be a beautiful in the pot CP swirled soap with white, green and pink colors, scented with a wonderful flowery scent, inspired by this video

I melted the solids...got some on my shirt...and that should've indicated the trouble that was to come...but I kept at it. I added the liquid oils and mixed...my lye was already sitting quietly in the corner waiting to cool off. I poured it in my oils and mixed...never did I think of checking how hot the oils were. They were actually pretty hot, I didn't finish giving it the first round with my mixer when it was already past light trace. But being as stubborn as I am, I kept on going...I quickly put in the scent and divided part of the mix in with the pink color, and part with the green...mixed the two in a flash and put it back in the pot...which was already rock solid :( But still I kept on (and yes...I asked my dear hubby to give me a smack in the bottom...I deserve it) I poured the two colors in opposite ends of the pot, gave it a swirl with a stick and poured (blobbed) in the mold...with what remained of the colors I poured the topping and swirled. It looked great!

So I merrily took everything to wash and snagged my glove on something and it tore. I just had a few things to wash and yes - you guessed it - I didn't put new gloves on just because they were a few things I needed to wash an SURELY nothing would happen. Well, halfway through washing I felt a tingling sensation, then 3/4s of the way a burning sensation. I hurriedly finished and washed my hands thoroughly with soap but it was too late...they felt like sandpaper. They weren't actually burnt; they were just very rough to the touch, felt slippery and looked like I had been in the tub too many hours. I ran to get my phone and saw this at the work table. I nearly sat down to cry :'(

Since I still had that slippery feeling on my hands I went inside and hastily made a solution of vinegar and water and let my hands sit in there for about 15 minutes. My fingers felt like they belonged to someone else...someone made out of sandpaper. It felt horrible! I rinsed my hands and applied some body butter I had made the other day. You can see in the pic how the skin looks in my hand, like I've done the laundry by hand with hot soapy water...thankfully they're all ok now.

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE wear your gloves at all times. If they tear get new ones on immediately. They're only a couple of cents vs having to deal with hurt hands.

As far as the soap goes, I'm letting it sit and get it over with. Tomorrow if it looks awful I'll HP it.

xoxo with hurting fingers
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